The Monkeys Are Coming!

“Seven Little Monkeys” is Joanie Woodward’s first book written for kids. She wrote this book initially for the wonderful kids in her life to help them settle down at bedtime. From her lifelong practices of yoga and her deep knowledge of mind-body techniques for relaxation, Joanie has written and illustrated a delightful story about how to quiet down a racing “monkey mind” with “belly breath”, a simple breathing technique. This book makes a great reading for a bedtime story for young children.

“Seven Little Monkeys” is a past winner of the National Parenting Books Publications Honors Award and is available at $19.95. Discounts are available for teachers and for bulk orders

The idea for “Seven Little Monkeys” came one day when Joanie’s nephew Charlie came home from school with a drawing and announced “these are the voices in my head and what they’re saying”. She remembered smiling and saying, “oh that’s called monkey mind”. Making a mental note that it would be a excellent idea for a book so kids can identify “monkey mind” and remember to practice deep belly breathing. Today Charlie is an incredible teacher, and we have the “Seven Little Monkeys” book as a helpful tool.