For Your Group

When we present our program to your group we use and teach tools of yoga and mindfulness. Our books, games and other created tools encourage simple and fun mind-body techniques that help kids, adults and teachers relax, connect and have more peace and joy in their lives.

We use techniques that encourage deep belly breathing, laughter, playfulness, creative arts and meditation. These activities help the participants to relax and nurture for their minds, bodies and spirits.

We started our days with Joanie facilitating a meditation followed by a laughter yoga class. The impact of her work on the lives of these children (and the staff) was so powerful and empowering for them.

Director of COASA (Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse)
Robert F Kennedy Children’s Action Corps  

We present our programs directly to groups of kids, adults and teachers. In addition, we have a special program to train early childhood educators techniques to help the children playfully learn how to self regulate and relax, allowing a more natural learning.

Please contact us for more information and to see how we can benefit your group.